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Modified Nationals[Album]

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Modified Nationals 2007 and the first time TeamShock has attended this event as a club. We set off on Friday for the show. Arriving at Peterbourough show ground we were greated by hoards of modified metal waiting to get into the show ground. As the camping crew set off to set up base myself, Lianne, Pasty, Joe and Mike headed into the town center to book in at our hotel.

We hurried back and was greated by the allready very drunk campers! Chris was in full swing with his magic vase of strange drinks! and Rob and Markie revealed there top secret project our very own dance tent! (well done guys top work)

Saturday morning and a few members were a little quiet! could be to do with the ammount of drink they had the Friday night?

We set up the stand which was in a great location and had plenty of room. The day went down well and rain held off for most of it.

Image 4315 Image 4314 Image 4313 Image 4312 Image 4311 Image 4310 Image 4309 Image 4308 Image 4307 Image 4306 Image 4305 Image 4304 Image 4303 Image 4302 Image 4301 Image 4300 Image 4299 Image 4298 Image 4297 Image 4296

Saturday night and it was back to the camp site for more partying! Lianne myself and a few supporters headed off to the Fast Car party area where Lianne entered the Breast of Britan competition and i spent the evening standing on a chair shouting and genrealy being drunk!

After boobs had been put away it was back to the campsite to finis the night off with more skanking drinking and burning of anything we could find!

Image 4295 Image 4294 Image 4293 Image 4292 Image 4291 Image 4290 Image 4289 Image 4288 Image 4287 Image 4286 Image 4285 Image 4284 Image 4283 Image 4282 Image 4281 Image 4280 Image 4279 Image 4278 Image 4277 Image 4276 Image 4275 Image 4274 Image 4273 Image 4272 Image 4271 Image 4270 Image 4269 Image 4268 Image 4267 Image 4266 Image 4265 Image 4264

The next day was prettyy much a wash out with non stop rain. We headed off home at 2 as there was really no point staying as the site was empty.

Overall the show was good and defintly one of the larger shows we have been to and one we will attend again, the weather did its best to dampen spirits but it takes more than rain to beat TS members down.

Congratulations to Joe Toakley who bagged himself TeamShock car of the stand and well deserved i havent seen many cars ever get that much attention at shows.

Posted by DaveB on 1pm Mon (04/06/07)

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