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Donny South August 19th 2007 [Album]

TeamShock win 2nd prize at the national car club championships!

Image 5373

First of all, a massive "thank you" to everyone who donated money, turned up, helped out, worked hard, made props, built gazebos and generally added to the atmosphere on the day. We were the number one team in my eyes!

The Donny South stand was the culmination of many many weeks of hard work and preparation. TeamShock had a dedicated forum to the Donny South show, discussing ideas, arranging logistics, buying goods and organising labour to make everything possible.

Image 5378 Image 5377 Image 5375 Image 5374 Image 5373 Image 5372 Image 5369 Image 5368 Image 5367 Image 5366

This year we themed the stand on the “Jap Vs Euro” debate and used Pop Art to portray this. The modified car scene has taken a huge change over the past year with Euro styling on cars becoming more and more popular but both sides will always have their loyal followers.

All the props you see in the photos were made by members using money donated by members.

Image 5363 Image 5362 Image 5361 Image 5360 Image 5358 Image 5357 Image 5356 Image 5355 Image 5354 Image 5353

Our three huge Gazebos sourced by Pasty were set up by Nick, Lianne, Pasty, Katie and Woody (any more?) the night before, working their asses off until 2 o'clock in the morning. Woody kindly donated his van to the TeamShock cause, which was a godsend to us all.

Image 5351 Image 5349 Image 5350 Image 5345 Image 5344 Image 5343 Image 5341 Image 5340 Image 5339 Image 5338

With flags, banners, bunting, gazebos and our very own DJ with smoke machine, the only place to be at Donny South was the TeamShock stand. Not even the rain could slow us down. Banging tunes all day and a lively atmosphere helped to get us 2nd place overall.

Image 5337 Image 5334 Image 5333 Image 5331 Image 5332 Image 5330 Image 5329 Image 5327 Image 5326 Image 5325

And how can we forget the lovely TeamShock ladies? Dedicated has to be the word of choice, you'd not see my legs out in the rain and wind.... A big thank you to persevering and posing with the Donny crowd Cool.

First up to receive a prize was Mr BlingRims himself and the stunning Mustang. 3rd best car at the show and well deserved!

Image 5324 Image 5323 Image 5322 Image 5321 Image 5320 Image 5319 Image 5318 Image 5313
Image 5376 Image 5371 Image 5370 Image 5365 Image 5364 Image 5359 Image 5352 Image 5348

So, at the end of the day we were called forward to the prize giving stage. Two years running we've got 3rd place, and £500 to boot. Could we better it this year? Judging by the competition we were in with as good a chance as any.....

2nd place it was. 1st could only have been a whisker away but we can't let that get us down. £1,500 in the kitty thank you very much. This kind of money will guarantee a long line of TeamShock events in the future and we can only go from strength to strength! Rest assured we are planning some sort of celebration and rewards for our members with some of this money, we're just not sure what yet!

Image 5316 Image 5315 Image 5314 Image 5312
Image 5347 Image 5346 Image 5342

A big "thanks" again guys, we couldn't have done it without our members!

The TeamShock Staff

Posted by DaveB on 6pm Sun (19/08/07)

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