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Fast Show Santa Pod March 9th 2008 [Album]

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The 2008 show cherry has been popped with huge attendance at the Fast Show. Expecting rain and a bad turn out we were surprised to see a dry day and an absolutely rammed show! Its usually one of the quieter shows of the year but its set the standard for other pod shows to follow.

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With another excellent location thanks to Joe the stand was set up with Craig and Tom running there cars up the strip through the day. The stand also saw a few new members for the day with Gary and his MG, Pea and his Schmidt sporting 306, Simon and his seriously cool E30 Beemer and Webby with his newly beefed up Fiesta.

Thanks to all those that turned up, if this show is anything to go by then were in for a busy season.

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Posted by nick on 12pm Mon (10/03/08)

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