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ISTS 2008 [Album]

Image 6135

ISTS previously known as Donny North has once again been and gone. For me this show has always been the best show in the calendar and come 1pm on the Friday that we all met up at the convoy point I was to say the least a little excited.

Friday brought Reading our first glimpse of a real summers day and the unveiling of my legs to make the most of the sun!

We set off on route to ISTS and arrived at Donnington race track later that afternoon, whilst the campers rambled off and set up base the rest of us went on the hunt for our stand space. Meeting up with a few familiar faces we had a quick natter and placed some of the cars on the stand to avoid early morning problems.

Being that we were invited as a club into the main area we couldn’t have asked for a better location. We set off to find our hotel and get booked in.

Image 6122

The next day brought back the rain but the show itself was still reasonably busy. After late night antics Saturday night building snowmen turning rooms upside down and generally causing a bit of harmless mischief we awoke to deep snow! (along with a heavy hangover) HORAA I personally haven’t seen snow that deep since I was a small nipper!

Concerned about the weather we told the members that it wouldn’t be a problem if they didn’t want to display on the Sunday and take a steady drive home. However as loyal as they are (including the hardcore campers who literally froze to there pillows “Edgy”) the majority stayed.

Image 6121

Overall the show didn’t seem quite to have the same quality of cars as they have had in previous years and had the weather held off it would have made this event much better, regardless for me its still the best event in the season but if the weather changes for Modified Nationals then we could be in for a winner.

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A special mention must go to Dog Car who bar Toakleys Mini at Modified Nationals has pulled one of the biggest crouds we have seen on a TeamShock stand.

Posted by nick on 12pm Mon (21/04/08)

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