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Welcome to the new rides section of TeamShock

It's pretty easy: Each ride page is just like a normal forum topic, so click "new topic" and post away.

For an example of the code to use, have a look at my Passat page. I have put the code there. Feel free to change the code around to suit your style.

Bear in mind the pages are cut right down to the bare minimum, so:

Include a title in large font in your post at the top


Include a thumbnail in the relevant text box that is 125x109 pixels in size

basically what I mean is put your images on your teamshock personal album, to see how this works view this link

for the thumbnail: this is the thumbnail shown on the forum. it is easy to create - find an image you like in your own album, then use it's thumbnail URL field in the thumbnail text box.

basically if you post an image it must be from your TeamShock album, using the codes (thumbnail and full image respectively). All other images will be removed.



Finally, remember to pic colours that are compatible and visible with the light and dark templates of Teamshock!

Posted by DaveB on 5pm Sat (18/03/06)

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