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Donny North 2006 [Album]

Image 1668

For TeamShock our mini holiday kicked off on Friday where we met up at the convoy point, cars filled with beer and bbq’s plus minimal sleeping equipment we set off to meet up with Andy, Mantus, Zuzanna and the TeamShock Support vehicle (Mantus’s work van).

1 piss stop and 2 hours later we arrive at the show location thanks to Andy who navigated us all the way. After fighting our way through the single lane tunnel we arrived in the camp site picked ourselves a little corner and began to set up home for the weekend. First up was the new Teamshock flag to let everyone know that we had official arrived!

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Not long after the tents were up the beer was flowing and myself and Mike took ourselves on a little stroll for a sneaky peaky on what was on to offer, whilst Mantus and Zanna set the Scooby up in the Auto Glym Best of Britain Area. That night involved various drunken antics including a drunken TeamShock walk around the camp site generally abusing other car clubs, stealing glow sticks, scaring people with Saddam and Bin masks and chasing Saddam up hills or as they were that night “fox holes in the mountains”

Image 1683

Early Saturday morning, very very early I found myself desperately trying to free my self from the clutches of my waterproof womb type tent! Only to discovered I was locked in it. After freeing myself we gathered our smelly arses together jumped in our cars and set off to the TeamShock stand.

Image 1685Image 1684Image 1680Image 1674Image 1665Image 1662

We had a great stand space in the pit area just across from the D1 cars, and right near the Best of Britain where the beloved flippy spinny Scooby was displayed.

The show had some awesome cars on offer and it was refreshing to see new stuff on the scene as well as new styles. Marky from X2C was there to unveil the latest of K’s creations (Xquiste) in the form of a 206 wearing a full genuine Veilside 350z Kit splashed in white paint and Spanish inspired touches. The Best of Britain area featured Xquistes green s2000 with new re-trim, a Beemer with low rider style paint scheme, a mental Mint Green mini that picked up the main award at the show and the car that impressed me the most a pink and silver RX7 with full RX8 front end conversion.

Image 1678

On our own stand we had some fresh new metal to offer the public. Andy’s pearl white Escort, Mikes decked Almera Gti, Chris’s tidy white/carbon Focus that drew its own little crowd and Frewins Corsa wearing its shiny new rims! Representing the old skool was Dan’s sparkley Blue Saxo, My very own Toymota and Richies insane Civic.

The show it self was HOOOOOGE! Easly the biggest show I have been with something to see all the time. Fast Car had there MC competition going all weekend, Castrol had there new Car Catwalk something that’s fresh to the car scene and the track was busy all day long with the D1 drivers and racers ragging it around the track. Talking of Track action Matt brought his Sierra along and gave it a damn good caning round the track a few times!

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The first day closed and the entertainment began once again! Returning to the camp site we sparked up another Barbie (I cooked this time and it was actually edible unlike Mikes burgers) then after much persuading we begrudgingly walked over to the evening entertainment.

Entering the huge building we walkied straight into what I can only imagine an illegal rave must be like, f**king mental!! Drum n bass filled the building and at the end like the gates to heven was the fuel stand blatantly teasing to show us the dirty DIRTY fuel girls doing there DIRTY things! Not long after we got in there we had “girls…dance…strip..£6…tits…girls…in face….fanny lips…arse crack..” blurted at us by a very drunk Andy and Brother. Yes they somehow managed to blag there way into the lap dancing room. Calling Mantus and Co on his mobile “I’m…..front….stage……mental….cant….ear!” we sorted out our own little spot in the party where we raved proper hardcore style, watched the fuel girls get FILTHY DIRTY and the Dirty Sanchez Boyz do some serious fucked up sh*t! Jez and Niki kept us entertained with there very very dirty chat!!! (its always the quiet ones)

Image 1554

Slumping back to the campsite we carried on drinking and laughed as we persuaded someone to pour glow stick “juice” into there hair and run up the hill which….they did. Desperately trying to get some sleep for the early start the next day was shattered by Mike shouting at anyone that walked within 200yards of his tent.

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Sunday another busy day. We did our thangs one more time before heading back to the camp site packing up our goodies and jumping back on the road heading for home and a bath.

Overall the show was by far the best one I have been to since being in the scene. Everything about it was top, top company, top entertainment and top cars.

I would like to thank all those that attended the show and made it what it was. Special thanks to Si and Andy for leading the Convoys and to Mantus for helping me organise the event.

Check out loads of pictures over on the post below

Or a smaller selection in the Album

Over and out guys n gals!

TeamShock Donny North 2006 Awards

Best Car on stand: Richards Civic.
Image 1628
Best Dancer: Andy for his unforgettable dance off. (pictured right)
Image 1571
Biggest Piss head: Niki for her drunken antics and very rude words.
Image 1575
Worst cook: Mike and his horrible Friday night burgers and un-eatable sausages
Image 1684
Best prepared: Zanna and Mantus, for there pull out bench inc umbrella, curry, television and bb guns.
Image 1705
Most annoying: Mantus’s cousin and mate who not only locked me in the tent but also declared my tent a rent boy area with sign and filled the tent with rocks

Posted by nick on 9pm Thu (20/04/06)

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