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Sneaky's Almera GTi 99' Almera Gti, 140bhp, 58k

Image 2298

Spot the Problem?

Image 2299

Inside, currently with Nasty Knob (Oooh Errr)

Image 2297

Arse End.

These pictures are of my car when I got it back in April 2006, it was my first Jap car after owning nothing but Dubs.

You can probably see that the car has the wrong front bumper, its at the bodyshop this week having a Gti front bumper fitted, painted and meshed, hopefully I will be able to park it facing nose out after the weekend.

Currently its got an K & N 57i kit and an Eibach suspension kit fitted, thats all thats really been done to it.

Future plans.
Further lowering, will probably need to be coilover kit.
New wheels, this is top priority, I will be looking for a set of 17s, probably in White <discuss>.


Sell it and buy something with a turbo, Starlet, Glanza or possibly an MR2 Turbo.

Posted by SneakyG5 on 5pm Mon (24/07/06)

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