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Donny South 2006 [Album]
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Donny South once again played host to the National Car Club Championships. A chance for all the clubs to battle it out to become crowned National Car Club Champions. Plans for the TeamShock stand started a while back, with members working hard to think of ideas to create a fun stand. Then finally the day came.

With everything packed in the new TS van we all headed to Essex to be deeply disappointed by torrential rain. We sat in the cars on the stand for a couple of hours and the rain showed no sign of backing off. All hopes of any kind of victory ran down the drain with the rain. However our cries for sunshine were answered, the clouds parted the new TS bouncy castle was erected, the TS girls stripped down to there gangster outfits, the boys got tooled up in there mobster suits and Tommy guns. Tabs’s engine bay was opened up to welcome the admiring public and Mikes Almera dug deep and produced its furious flames.

The party was in full swing with all the members and staff creating a real party atmosphere and one that didn’t go unnoticed.

What started off to look like a real bad day had its fairy tail ending. Once again TeamShock proudly proved that were a site to sit up and take notice of. For the 2nd year running we took home the 3rd place prize confirming once again were not going anywhere and are one of the top car sites in the UK that we keep proving time and time again.

The judges felt we deserved the win down to the atmosphere on the stand and how close we are as a community, which has and always will be our aim.

3rd place is a huge achievement and to claim that place twice is outstanding. Im personally confident with a little bit more polishing up of the stand that next year Donny South 2007 will see TeamShock crowned first.

A special thanks to the TeamShock girls, Zanna, Laura, Sarah and Laura who are a huge and very sexy part of the stands we have. Congratulations and thanks to all the members and all the staff that helped us to achive the win we can happly sit back relax and be confident that you are part of one of the top three car clubs in the Uk..again!

Posted by nick on 1pm Wed (30/08/06)

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