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2006 Review
The 2006 show season closes. Its time to sit back relax and let us take you on a ride back through the 2006 season with TeamShock.

The Past

2005 ended and 2006 began with sucess for TS. Fastcar shot an Xrated feature back in the winter of 2005 and rated us best overal Xrated feature of the year and placed us 2nd overall only a margin away from the 1st place winners.

Image 3193

The season really begun with Donny North thh first time TS had ever attended this event and definaly not the last. For me this was defintly one of the best events of the years. Mantus represented the site by displaying in the best of britan arena whilst the rest of us genrally caused havoc and got drunk!

Image 3181Image 3189Image 3188Image 3187Image 3186Image 3180

Then the sun finaly woke up and it was time for some summer time choons and seaside trips including a trip to portsmouth which started off with a TS BBQ a convoy to the coast and ended up with us townies being fasanated by that watery thing we call the sea! other trips included regular trips to bournmouth and included many burnt noses!

Image 3191

Image 3197Image 3192Image 3178Image 3174Image 3172Image 3173

Image 3176

July brought us another benchmark in the TS history. Myself, Tabs, Chris, and Bruce were invited to display our rides in the Top 100 at Max power Live. A great achivment in itself but the whole weekend couldnt have been anymore of an award. The social side of Max was one of the best we have had. The weekend included a very tired bumch of shockers after arriving at the NEC cleaning the cars and retiring to bed, myself getting a little bit drunk after downing god knows how many milkshake shots and driniking rum and coke with Tabs and Joe in our room. Claire, Rich, Ben, Alex and all the other crew joined us in a weekend that wont be forgotton for a long time.

"EBCCCC" "ohh no! i think i pissed the bed!"

Image 3194Image 3196Image 3175

Image 3177

Image 3195

JAE another fav in the calander didnt let us down

Image 2271

This weekend saw Sarah a new edition to the Teamshock girls do her stuff and saw lots of drunk antics! "buuuuurgaa!" theres an extremley funny DVD going around of this show if you get a chance watch it!

JAE also saw Teamshock first near death experience in the form of a frea storm that saw us all holding ont to tents for dear life!

Then comes our biggest years achivment, for the 2nd time on the trot we took Donny South by storm and brought home the prize! £500 and a 3rd place win once more thanks to our members efforts.

Image 2457

Image 2582Image 2574Image 2562Image 2536Image 2516Image 2514


So where are we now? well were still number 3 in the Uk. We have a whole new generation of new members who have joined us this year incluidng Ben, Ian, Sean, Kenny, Chunky to name just a few. We have a new selection of rides including two new teggys 2 fantastic RX7's owned by Kirk&sherry and Sy. The ols skool cars are going strong and have improved ten fold. The flagship Scooby has taken retirment seeing its final show in October to make way for new things.

Image 1461Image 1465Image 1463

However dont be fooled into thinking TS will slow down during the winter season. Lots of events on including our own RWYB day and plenty of cold car parks to stand in during the show season. The winter bizzarley is the time when we will travel further afeild for a cruise! mentals

Picture resized


2007 were going to do it all again but better! 2006 for me has been the best year so many memories and good times have been had for me and i think for the majority of you this site is so much more than about the cars. I have made so many freinds trhough the site and got close to those freinds i allready had ahhhhhhhhhhhh! for the last 2/3 years we have promised a trip to france for the french car show and 2007 were going to promise again! whether or not it happens is another thing!

So look foward to bigger and better things as the site grows in size and strenth each year things are only getting better!

in a big brother style voice "heres some of your fav moments!"

Image 1485Image 1547Image 1883Image 1945Image 2198Image 1466

Image 1744

Image 1746Image 1823Image 1645Image 1951Image 2784Image 1486

Image 1571

Posted by nick on 9pm Wed (20/09/06)

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