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Donny North , Donnington Raceway, April 6th 2007 [Album]

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It all started off at midday on good Friday when a huge convoy of TeamShock metal met at Winnersh for the 2 and a half hour trip to Donny.

The biggest and most impressive convoy we have had to date set off at a steady speed to let bank holiday motorists take in the sights and get there camera phones at the ready.

We arrived at Donny where we met up with Claire in her new R33 GTS ready for the weekends antics.

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After sorting the wrist bands it was off to the campsite as Jon took the Blingrimz Mustang into the Auto Glym Best of Britain hall. After some playing around on the slippery grass the campers found there spot and started to set up camp as the hotel massive took a trip over to the stand location. We managed to finaly suss out the location of the TeamShock stand and myself and Joe took it upon ourselves to test out our neighbours and fellow car clubs stage (X2C).

The hotel was 15mins from the show. We got there and helped Pasty unpack his pants, had a Burger King and headed back to the campsite for the TeamShock party. Drink got drunk, balls were kicked, heads were slapped, skylines, security vans and randoms were skanked!

Image 3955 Image 3953 Image 3952 Image 3945 Image 3941

I was finally dragged out of a tent by my feet by a chilly Michael and it was time to go back to the hotel and let the hippies sleep.

I was greeted early in the morning by a rather heavy hangover! but onwards and upwards and i was keen to go (watch the DVD you will see how keen) a lovely lady picked us up in a special bus and took us to the show where we set up the stand for the day.

The Saturday went well with all the members desperately trying to keep there motors keen despite the constant clouds of dust from the dusty tracks surrounding our stand.

Image 3950 Image 3949 Image 3948 Image 3947 Image 3946

Into the evening the show closed and we headed back to the hotel whilst the campers went and got there drinking heads on again. Back the hotel we had a lovely chinese and some more beverages! whilst the campers ate grass and mud throughout the night, however they had the Fast Car party to keep them entertained.

Sunday morning and i felt much fresher than i did the previous morning! I drove the MR2 to the Fast Car stand where it was cleaned up and put on display for the day and entrusted Pasty and Michael with sorting out the TS stand for that day which i must add they did a brilliant Job of. And what a lovely new Gazebo we had too.

Image 3985 Image 3982 Image 3970 Image 3973 Image 3987

The last day of a weekend show is normally the day when lack of sleep catches up but spirits were boosted when TeamShock man made his first appearance. His pink cape flowing in the sun as he made a dash for the X2C stage for a little dance invasion before he was floored by a couple of X2C staff and his identity was revealed.

Donny North 2006 was my favourite show to date but 2007 has topped it. Not only for the amount of show content but the social side of the event is better than any other. With more members joining yearly and the TeamShock profile growing at a rapid rate 2008 is sure to be a massive hit so make sure your there. The next TeamShock weekender is Modified Nationals. See the events room for details, if you haven't been to a weekend event with the site before your missing out get your name down.

Congratulations to Jack for winning TeamShock car of the stand Donny 2007 with his candy red euro Golf.

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Posted by nick on 2pm Wed (11/04/07)

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