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Dave's VW Polo TDI sport

Image 4011

Suspension and Wheels
17"x7.5" Audi TT competition alloys in metallic silver and a lacquered diamond cut face
KW Variant1 Coilovers
SEAT sport upper strut brace

SEAT Cupra PD160 Air intake

Colour coded
Full VW Votex kit (skirts/front lower bumper/rear lower bumper/rear spoiler)
German plates

Image 4012

Image 4013

Image 4023

Image 5659

Image 4686 Image 4024

The transformation

Stage 1: original spec, a nice enough car, pulls well and is itching for a chip, it's the sport model so has most of the extras, and is lower as standard.

Image 3762

Firstly, I had already bought the VW Votex kit for the car before I had the car! This is a factory fitted option and makes the car look so much better than standard. Cheers to my folks for picking it up from up north and transporting it south to me!

So, then I started to shop for wheels, found these puppies in Bedford, refurbed 6 months ago and stunning, 17", 7.5" wide with nearly new 205x40x17 BF Goodrich tyres:

Image 3740

Then coilovers were on the list! Got some FK automotive ones then bidded on some KW coilovers on ebay - the KWs have arrived and I'm waiting to fit them. SO FK ones are for sale!

After this came the bump strips (Joe helped with these), bought some new textured ones and sanded them down myself, bloody hell what a mission. Got there in the end.

Image 3904

So it went off to the bodyshop on Friday, and came back in April 2007.

Image 3994

I couldn't resist fitting the wheels!

Image 4002

Next stage - the Coilovers! What a pain in the backside to fit, purely because the old ones were seized. Grrrr. After 7 hours of hard work I got it all done, there was minimal rubbing but DIY arch liner modification solved this.

The last mod is a nice SEAT sport strut brace in the engine bay. I've always had reservations about how good these were - not only has the steering tightened up around dead centre, the initial turn in is much stronger and a lot of the nasty dash creaks have gone!

Posted by DaveB on 8pm Fri (20/04/07)

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