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teg TeamShock are dedicated to Auto Styling and Performance in the UK, centered around Berkshire and expanding into Buckinghamshire. Anyone is welcome - we don't judge you by your ride, and if anyone does then they'll get a beating!

The site is aimed at all kind of car enthusiasts and there is a friendly atmosphere, our show meets are focused towards having a laugh; not about who's got the best ride or has spent the most cheques. Our focus is on being enthusiasts rather than boy racers, and the aim of the club is to paint the modified car scene in a good light to the general public. We have well over 1000 active members from Reading, Slough, Bracknell, Wycombe, Oxford and even much further afield!

gti TeamShock can offer a wide range of car modifying advice through our forum. Bad attitudes are not welcome, and neither is snobbery! Please make sure on your visit you read all the important posts before venturing into the forum, else you may get some friendly abuse from the old-skool members and me!

Enjoy your stay!

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With a growing number of members, we've been to plenty of shows over the past few years: at Santa Pod, the NEC, JAE, Billing, Donny South, Redline Rumble, Trax, Max Power and many more - our staff arrange all the details, and are busy planning lots more in the future. Visit the forum for more details. If you're worried your bling machine ain't good enough - so long as you're keen, you are free to display your car with pride!

spinners We now have a fully working album, rides and shows pages. Members can post their own images and write ups of their pride and joy. Just click on the rides link and follow the useful guides to get your own page of recognition!

The site is designed with speed and ease of use in mind. My Flash skills are limited so instead I hope you find it easy on the eye and that the download speeds are fast and the pages are small, focused on content rather that filler-bumpf - even on an old skool 56k modem! The larger show and rides pics are kept to an average of 70Kb.

The forum is a definite favourite amongst new members - I have expanded the capabilities so it is not just a standard phpbb forum, and it's a lot more interactive and frequently updated than other brands of forum. A recently added mod is the features page, for our high achievers!

Cheers, Dave Burton (Webmaster)

This site was founded in May 2004 by a small group of enthusiasts from Reading. Over the winter of 2004 and early 2005, the club slowly expanded to incorporate 20 or so regular members and their cars, proud to display in the 2005 season alongside much more established clubs.

During the 2005 season we went from strength to strength, winning 3rd place in the National Car Club championships due to our positive attitude and quality of members, and many member's cars appeared in the top selling modified car magazines.

vw golf

2006 and 2007 were our best seasons to date, with 2008 slightly dampened by the good old British weather! We have plenty of feature cars amongst the team, and ten times as many enthusiastic and friendly members to make everyone feel welcome. 2nd place in the nation for our car club is a result to be proud of, along with dozens of mentions in the top modified car magazines. We can only get stronger from here...

Fast Car approved
fastcar Fast Car thought they would award the very best cruise sites and clubs a Fast Car approved status. TeamShock have recently gained this status and are very happy people indeed.

Here's a big shout out to Fast Car Magazine!
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2nd best club in the UK
In 2007 TeamShock climbed one place in the Donny South National Championships to number 2. For the previous two years we hit the number 3 spot. Thanks to all of our members who made this possible.

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